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Protect Patients from Unexpected Medical Spa Complications

Instantly cover complications that occur at medical spas, day spas, wellness centers, body art studios, and dental offices.

Give Patients the Reassurance of Coverage for Unexpected Med and Day Spa Complications

No Hassle. Opt-in Coverage. Trusted by Providers.
Providing coverage for
How Coverwell Works

Sign up with Coverwell and get approved within 24 hours.

Offer instant opt-in coverage for patients at the point of procedure for only 4% of the total service cost.

Complications diagnosed within 30 days of the treatment, clients receive up to $125,000 in corrective care.

Your Med Spa is at Risk



of med and day spas have experienced a costly complication.

Easy, affordable, pay-per-procedure coverage.

Zero Startup Cost

No Contracts Ever

No Monthly Fees

Available In 50 States

Coverwell Has You Covered

Medical Spas

Coverage for incidents like accidental laser burns.

Day & Resort Spas

Protect against unexpected Botox outcomes and more.

Wellness Centers

Provide reassurance for allergic reactions.

Body Art Studios

Safeguard against adverse skin reactions to ink and piercings.

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    Ensure a Worry-free Experience
    See how Coverwell can provide peace of mind to both you and your clients for a variety of treatments


    Hospitalization, medications, and follow-up treatments.

    Inflammation or swelling

    Emergency care, medications, and additional treatments.

    Burns or abrasion

    Wound care, antibiotics, and any necessary corrective procedures.

    Migration of fillers

    Consultations, additional treatments, and any necessary medical procedures.

    Hemorrhage, hematoma or bruising

    Emergency medical care, surgical interventions, and follow-up treatments.

    Post-op neurologic injury

    Diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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